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Essential goal of gitalias is to turns git command into shortest possible sequence of characters (an alias) where the alias does not have to be remembered but it can be mnemotechnically derived from the full command.


There is special alias alias that lists all aliases (alias for config --global --get-regexp ^alias\\.)


Usage Example

Implement feature on a new branch

git th                 # reset --hard
git sm # switch main
git l # pull
git sc feature/foo # switch --create feature/foo
# Implement feature ...
git aa # add --all
git cm "Implement foo" # commit --message "Implement foo"

Create and Merge PR

Use GitHub CLI or web UI ...

Clean feature branch

git sm              # switch main
git l # pull
git opo # remote prune origin
git bdf feature/foo # branch --delete --force feature/foo


Each alias is created according to several simple rules:

  1. Each command is represented by a single letter.

    • For example merge is represented by m.
  2. Each parameter/value is represented by combination of first letter of words it consists of.

    • For example --no-commit is represented by nc.
    • Branch main is represented by letter m
    • If the short parameter is uppercase letter then the letter is doubled.
      • For example branch -D is represented by bdd.
  3. Parameters are sorted in alphabetical order.

    • For example: merge --no-commit --squash is represented by mncs.
    • When the alias contains parameter that requires value to be specified by the user, that parameter is the last one.
      • For example log --oneline --max-count <MAX_COUNT> is represented by lomc.
    • Parameter --dry-run is always the last one.
      • For example git clean --force --dry-run is represented by git nfdr